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Unveiling the Marvels of Magnetic Separation

by Josh Mar
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In the world of industrial machinery, few innovations have been as transformative as magnetic separators. These devices play a crucial role in separating materials, ensuring the purity and efficiency of countless manufacturing processes. With a plethora of categories, each designed to cater to specific applications, the world of magnetic separation is a vast and intriguing one. Learn more. Let’s delve into the distinct categories that make this technology an indispensable part of modern industries:


  • Most Modern, Advanced Design – NO OIL: This category of electro-magnets boasts energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, safety, minimal maintenance, and an extended lifespan. These magnets are free from oil, making them a sustainable and low-maintenance solution.
  •  Suspended Self-Cleaning Over-band BELT magnet: Equipped with self-cleaning capabilities, these magnets are perfect for applications where continuous tramp metal removal is essential. 
  • Also available as MANUAL-CLEAN Type For Tramp Metal Removal: For situations that demand manual intervention in tramp metal removal.
  • For use Underground – can be Ex Certified: Suitable for underground applications, these magnets can meet Ex certification standards for hazardous environments. More info on Dry-type electro-magnets.


  • Ideal for separating ferrochrome from slag: This category is tailored for the specific task of separating ferrochrome from slag, making it an ideal choice for industries dealing with this unique challenge.
  • Unique design utilizing Rare Earth Magnet Elements: Leveraging rare earth magnet elements, these magnets offer superior performance. Find more Ferrochrome Magnets.


  • Demagnetizing coils – used to demagnetize material flowing through the centre of the coils: These coils are designed for the essential task of demagnetizing materials as they pass through their core. More on Demag Coils.


  • Ideal for Scrap Handling, Ball Loading, Furnace loading: These magnets excel in applications such as scrap handling, ball loading, and furnace loading, offering extra heavy-duty performance.
  • Extra Heavy Duty, sealed unit: These lifting magnets are built to withstand heavy usage.
  • Varying Duty Cycles available (Not for suspension over conveyor belts): While they are versatile, it’s essential to note that these magnets are not intended for suspension over conveyor belts. Visit Lifting Magnets.


  • Magnet Control Panels, Flame Retardant Belting, Suspension Chain Sets, All Magnet Spares: This category includes essential auxiliary components and spare parts to ensure the smooth operation of magnetic separators. Find more on Auxiliaries.


  • Or magnetic Pulleys – used for separation of material as it discharges over the head end of a conveyor belt: Drum magnets are designed to separate materials as they discharge over the head end of a conveyor belt, making them an integral part of material handling systems. More info about Drum Magnets.


  • Forced Air-Cooled, Fan Cooled Electromagnet For Suspension over conveyor belts: Overband: These forced air-cooled electromagnets are designed to suspend over conveyor belts and offer self-cleaning capabilities. More on Fan-cooled electro: self clean.


  • Older Generation type: Oil Cooled, Heavy Duty For Suspension over conveyor belts: Overband: An older generation of magnets, these are oil-cooled and suitable for suspension over conveyor belts. Info on Oil cooled electro: Self-clean.


  • Older Generation type: Oil Cooled, Heavy Duty For Suspension over conveyor belts: Overband: Similar to the previous category, these magnets are oil-cooled and suitable for suspension over conveyor belts. Info on Oil cooled electro: Manual-clean.


Offering a long-lasting magnetic solution, these permanent magnets are not reliant on electrical power and are ideal for various applications. More on Permanent Magnets.


  • Designed to suit your specific requirements. Magnets can be modified to fit in restricted spaces: For unique and specialized applications, custom-designed magnets offer tailored solutions. Learn more about Custom Designs.

The world of magnetic separation is a testament to the remarkable adaptability of industrial technology. With these diverse categories, magnetic separators cater to an array of needs, from tramp metal removal and material separation to custom-designed solutions. As industries continue to evolve, magnetic separators remain steadfast in their contribution to efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Explore the fascinating world of magnetic separation and discover the right solution for your unique application. For more info click africanmagnets.com/


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