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Leading Technology Solutions Partner Cautions Businesses About Being Tempted To Soon By The ‘Shiny and New’

by Leigh Callipolitis
4 minutes read
Technology Solutions

The saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same” might apply to many things, but when it comes to technology solutions for business, this adage definitely does not apply. The world of digital technology, specifically the tools available for data driven businesses, are constantly evolving and changing at a rapid pace. 

Keagan Jordan, Technical Engagement Lead: Data and Analytics at Altron Karabina, says that there are multiple digital tools and solutions that provide very similar outcomes for businesses, and the evolution of these products seems unrelenting, and at times, overwhelming. 

“There is no right time to start your data migration nor no one specific tool to do it, they will all serve your digital transformation needs. The trick is to ensure a well architectured and well implemented digital journey, instead of making a rash decision because of something brand new that might enter the market,” he says. 

While it may seem tempting to jump ship as soon as another “next generation” solution is launched, Jordan says that as a business, you need to be kept updated about what is new on the market, while keeping your head down, and making sure you have a finished product that delivers on your data needs. If you wait for something to be ready in a year’s time, there will already be something new. Every two years there is something new, and it simply doesn’t make business sense to migrate to a new solution every two years. 

He does emphasise that with all the disruption and innovation of platforms and software solutions available, the one non-negotiable for business is the need to move to a cloud-based solution now. Without the flexibility, cost-efficiency, security, and accessibility that cloud-based solutions provide, data driven businesses will simply not be able to accelerate their growth or drive innovation. 

As a business, an important question to ask when beginning or progressing your digital migration journey is what tools should the business be using to unlock strategic value, while not limiting itself? Utilising the expertise of a Microsoft Digital Transformation partner such as Altron Karabina allows a business to stay focused on their core strategy and operations, while they handle, implement and advise what is happening in the background in terms of your tech needs. 

An experienced digital solutions partner can also advise a business about how to utilise new solutions within your current framework, working in parallel with different source systems without having to migrate everything to a shiny, new platform. Perhaps another saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here. Choose a platform and stick to that road, while relying on a technology partner to advise about the evolutions available in your current ecosystem to improve efficiency, without derailing the core processes. 

“When going on your data journey, everything is evolving so quickly, and if you are waiting for a product to be finished or a service be ready, you’ll be waiting forever,” says Jordan, who adds that as the country’s leading Microsoft data partner, Altron Karabina encompasses every large data competency and is well positioned to consolidate your digital transformation and advise on strategies and solutions to keep up with the times. 

He says innovation, evolutions and add-ons from existing, well utilised solutions are always possible, but the key is to be adventurous in your data migration journey while being cautious, and avoiding too rapid change which can lead to disruption and be counterproductive. 

Just as in the fairytale, finding a shoe that fits often means relying on expertise and a partner that knows what new features or platforms are needed and their compatibility with your overall business imperative, and what existing solutions might suit you better for your current needs. 


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