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Introducing the Qalibra Pendant by One to One

Fusion of Decorative and Functional Lighting

by Michelle Cavé
2 minutes read

One to One, a pioneer in innovative lighting solutions, is thrilled to unveil its newest product, the Qalibra Pendant. This state-of-the-art lighting fixture was meticulously crafted to meet specific project requirements for suspended light fittings. The Qalibra Pendant fulfils the dual roles of being a decorative piece and a functional light source for spaces such as kitchen counters and dining room tables.

Beyond its striking patinated finish, the Qalibra Pendant is a solid cast bronze pendant that offers unique lighting capabilities. It boasts an adjustable focus beam downwards for crisp task lighting and an indirect upward ceiling wash for ambient lighting. These features make the pendant highly adaptable for different scenarios, whether you require concentrated light for precise tasks or gentle illumination for a relaxed atmosphere.

Notably, the Qalibra Pendant’s beam spread is adjustable and dimmable, allowing for a tailored lighting experience. This fine-tuning of the beam helps optimise visual comfort, and its careful design ensures that the light source remains hidden, eliminating any potential glare. This thoughtful design is achieved through an internal mechanism that adjusts the light source, influencing the beam of light that emanates from the bottom of the pendant.

Despite its robust functionalities, the Qalibra Pendant does not compromise on aesthetics. Each pendant, weighing 7kgs, is suspended by a uniquely designed single cable. This cable serves a dual purpose – carrying the weighted load of the pendant and providing power to the light source – exemplifying One to One’s commitment to marrying function with style.

“Our aim with the Qalibra Pendant was to push the boundaries of what is expected from a lighting fixture,” said Martin Döller, Creative Director for One to One. “We believe that every product we create should be both a work of art and a tool for enhancing everyday experiences. With the Qalibra Pendant, we’ve truly achieved that vision.”

One to One invites all interior design enthusiasts, homeowners, and professionals in the industry to discover the Qalibra Pendant and experience how it can redefine their lighting expectations.

For more information about the Qalibra Pendant or any other One to One products, please visit https://1-to-1.world/.

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